Burger King Corporation is the second largest fast-food chain in the United States, trailing only McDonald's. The company franchises more than 10,400 restaurants and owns about 1,000 for a chainwide total exceeding 11,455, with locations in all 50 states and 56 countries. The company serves 15.7 million customers each day and over 2.4 billion Burger King hamburgers are sold each year across the globe.





Burger King Copycat Recipe

Makes 4 Sandwiches

1 (8 oz.) can Pillsbury Original Crescent Rolls
4 eggs
salt to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste
8 ounces ground breakfast sausage or 8 slices of bacon
4 slices American Cheese

Make Croissants: Prepare the rolls by first unrolling the dough out of the can. Separate the dough into four sections, each made up of two triangles. Detach the triangles by tearing along the diagonal perforation, then reattach the dough along the outside parallel edges, pinching the dough together along the middle. This will make making one bigger triangle. Loosely roll the dough from the wide end, all the way up. Now, bring the ends around so that they overlap and the roll is in the shape of a circle. Press the ends together and place roll onto a baking sheet. Repeat with the remaining dough, then bake following the directions on the package (375 degrees for 11 to 13 minutes).

Make the Eggs:  Spray a skillet over medium heat with non-stick cooking spray. Open both ends of a clean, small sliced pineapple can. Spray the inside of the empty can with the non-stick spray, and then place the can in the pan to heat up. Use more than one can if you’d like to speed up the cooking process. Beat an egg, then pour it into the empty can mold, add a bit of salt and pepper, and cover with a saucepan lid. Cook for a couple minutes, then scrape a knife around the edge of the egg to release it. Remove the can then turn the egg over and cook it for another minute or two. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

Prepare meat:  If using sausage, form 2-ounce portions of sausage into patties with the same diameter as the rolls. Cook the sausage in another hot skillet over medium heat until brown. If using bacon, cook the bacon and drain on paper towels.

Assembly:  Slice a roll in half through the middle. Build each sandwich by first stacking egg on the bottom half of the roll. Next arrange sausage (or 2 slices of bacon) on the egg, then a slice of American cheese. Top off each sandwich with the top roll half, then zap it in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds to help melt the cheese. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

Notes:  Burger King currently has the following croissant sandwiches on the menu:

  • DOUBLE STUFFED  (with sausage, bacon, egg and American cheese. The Double tag refers to two meat portions on the sandwich)

Other variants available:
  • Croissan'Wich with sausage and American cheese
  • Croissan'Wich with egg and American cheese
  • The Double Croissan'Wich with ham and bacon or sausage and ham
  • The Double Croissan'Wich with double sausage, ham or bacon

Previous promotional products:
  • The Western Croissan'Wich ham, sauteed onions, eggs and American cheese
  • The Hawaiian Croissan'Wich spam, eggs, sausage, sold in Hawaii.


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